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In order to succeed, companies and other organizations must provide well-focused information about their products and services. Our craft is communication, and our mission is to help you to reach your target audience with persuasive clarity, in a cost-effective way.

Proof Positive creates a variety of printed materials, including brochures, advertisements, financial reports, newsletters, manuals, packaging, posters, and signage. Our work online involves web sites, animated presentations, and e-books.

If you prefer, we can handle an entire project from start to finish, from writing through design, production, and printing. Our various services are also available individually, on an as-needed basis.

Design: Our creative process always begins with careful consideration of your goals and stylistic preferences. Experience, imagination, and skill combine to develop your message in a way that speaks clearly to the target audience.

Layout is the production process that follows design. Master files, combining text and images, are built to correct standards necessary to work well on press or online. Proofs are circulated to you for review and revision, until the final version is approved.

Excellent Typography is an important advantage, because it has been proven to increase readership. Fine details combine to create a well-finished presentation, and the overall quality reinforces the credibility of your message.

Charts, Graphs, Maps, and Illustrations add visual impact, as well as emphasis to key information. We can accurately reproduce an existing logo or develop a new one.

Photographic Images: Our expertise includes digital photography, scanning, and retouching. An extensive, well-catalogued library of photos covers every topic under the sun.

Web Sites: Based on a clear understanding of your goals, we design an attractive site that makes it easy for people to find information. Visitors will use different devices and a range of browser software, so we build your site to offer smooth access to a broad audience.

Animation, Audio, and Video enhance a web site and can also deliver your message via email, CD/DVD, or other storage media.

Icons: Idea, Words, Photographic Images, Charts and Graphs

We are well versed in both Adobe InDesign® and QuarkXPress®, the two page layout programs that are widely used by professionals. Our broader repertoire includes Adobe Acrobat®, Dreamweaver®, Flash®, Illustrator®, Photoshop®, and PowerPoint®. And of course we regularly work with text and data supplied in Word®, Excel®, and many other office applications.

Since 1993, we have built a track record for going "the extra mile" in service to our customers, delivering highly effective results at reduced cost. How do we achieve this? How do our methods differ from others who provide similar services? What specific advantages do we offer?

Here is what sets us apart!